Sometimes, all we need is a nudge.
You’ve received a black pen, saying ‘’, and now you’ve found a website with a music video.
That might just be enough.
If you’ve received this black pen, you might need to be encouraged to question your day-to-day occupation. Ask yourself whom you’re serving, and if the world is a better place because of it. Maybe you should do things differently. Maybe you should use your position to adjust the system you’re working. Or maybe you should walk the hell out and find something that fills your life with more purpose. Let this be the nudge that helps everyone, starting with yourself. Your exaltation will not happen on their grounds – go on an adventure.
Brace your heart, cut the wires.

If you’re being required to do things that make you feel weak and ashamed – then stop. Don’t do them. One of the things i’ve learned from Solzhenitsyn and Frankl was that systems go terribly out of control when people don’t stop them when they’re going mildly out of control. You might say, ‘I should just keep my goddamn head down and shut up.’ (…) But you gotta ask yourself on a day-to-day basis: what makes you think you’re not selling your soul?